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*Current donations will be made the The Center in Midland, PA.

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Dads and Kids Love Discovering what Makes their Relationship Special

That’s What Dads Are Made For

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The Story of That's What Dads Are Made For

What People are Saying

"This book is wonderful way for sons and daughters to find answers about their father—biological, step, or adopted. It’s all about the connection!"

- LeeAnn Wiles, Teacher

What People are Saying

"This book gets all of us dads and our kids to actually think about our relationships. I can’t wait to absorb the lessons and dig into the discussions with my kids."

- Ryan O’Hara, former CEO of Shutterfly

What People are Saying

"I love how kids and dads can personalize the story so that each time they read the book it reinforces the special relationship they have with one another."

- Gail Mangan, Ph.D.

What People Are Saying

"Smart. Playful. Fun. This book is a beautiful resource that helps kids relate to their fathers on a deeper level, and it strengthens the parental connection."

- Kirstin Carey, Natural Health Practitioner

Help Other Amazing Kids Find Connection

When you purchase any of our resources, you’ll also impact kids throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Region. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that help vulnerable youth connect with mentors to build a greater sense of community and vision for their lives. *Amanda visits The Midland Center to read and donate books to children who experience hope and joy in their care.

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Little One, Your Dad Was Made For You!

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